Feature Explainability & Traceability

Build features that are easily explained and that provide in-depth visualizations back to source data.

Automatic Transactional Aggregation

dotData automatically aggregates and combines data across transactional information.

Time-Series on Steroids 

Automatically aggregate data across different time resolutions without human intervention.

Automatic Leakage Detection

Automatic detection of leaky features saves you time and frustration.

Large Data Dimensionality

dotData can process data that is both diverse as well as varied in nature to build richer, more insightful features.

Cleanse Your Data, Automatically

Automatically cleanse and prep your data for AI and ML algorithms before feature engineering even takes place.

Iterate Features In Record Time

Leverage automatic statistical data on each feature to analyze & evaluate features and iterate quickly and easily.

Support Broad Data Types

Explore and discover multimodal patterns by wrangling and combining relational, transactional, temporal, geo-locational, and text data, automatically.

Millions of Rows, Dozens of Tables

Discover and evaluate features across millions of rows, dozens of tables and thousands of columns - automatically.

Trusted by global brands

Say Goodbye to Guesswork and Hello to Data-Driven Decisions

Are you struggling to make sense of your data? use dotData to identify patterns, uncovers hidden insights, and predicts outcomes for your most important metrics.

Data Science For Everyone

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Common Use Cases


- Find optimal audience segments

- Personalize marketing campaigns

- Make content recommendations


- Smart Lead Scoring

- Recommend next action

- Find ideal prospect segments


- Save on inventory costs

- Supply Chain Optimization


- Predictive Maintenance

- Quality Assurance / Control

- Yield Management


- Predict default risk

- Fraud detection

- Prevent payment failure

Customer Success

- Churn Prediction

- Identify upsell opportunities