The Feature Discovery Platform

dotData Feature Factory discovers features using award-winning technology. Improve ML models, derive unbiased insights, and deploy transparent pipelines.

dotData Feature Factory

Discover Business Signals

Automatically uncover hundreds of hidden business signals trapped in your structured and unstructured data with dotData Insight.

dotData Feature Factory

Leverage Your Enterprise Data for Analytics, AI, and ML

Shorten development times by discovering high-value features. Reduce iterations by evaluating feature effectiveness while creating a predictable, scalable feature discovery and development pipeline.

From Raw Structured and Unstructured Data to Signals

Stop wasting hours and days creating, reworking, and re-creating reports to detect deeper signals about what’s driving your business. Use the power of data-centric business discovery.

“Its exceptional data management and feature engineering capabilities make it especially suitable for the most challenging use cases…feature engineering is powerful and scalable, even across tens of tables with billions of rows.”

Key Features

Discover Features from Relational Data

Feature Discovery & Engineering From Relational Data

Process transactional, temporal geo-locational, or text data directly from multi-table structured data. Explore millions of feature patterns by auto-joining multiple tables automatically.

Identify High Quality Features

Feature Quality & Selection: Find Features that Matter

Evaluate features with patented supervised learning techniques to avoid temporal leakage, collinearity, overfitting, and more. Auto-cleanse data with value canonicalization, outlier detection, and missing value imputation.

Transparent Features with Explainability

Quantitative & Qualitative Feature Transparency

Understand features through metrics. From basic statistical measures to advanced feature importance scores. Generate feature explanations, blueprints, and queries for full transparency of feature pipeline and lineage.

dotData MLOps

Production-Ready Feature Pipelines & Query

Generate ready-to-deploy feature pipelines and minimize the headache between data science and data engineering teams when productionalizing feature queries.

“With dotData Feature Factory we reduced the time required to predict three months’ worth of audience behavior by 30% to 40%. dotData allowed us to take into account monthly trends and characteristics combined with factors like time of weekday and more.”

Kenichi Fujimori  project manager, ADK

“Our data is vast and highly diverse. It is necessary to find the changes in the market and customers’ IT needs and deliver them quickly to the sales staff. Using dotData, we can analyze data with a sense of speed.“ 

Takahiro Jinushi Senior Managing Officer  General Manager of Marketing Automation Center Otsuka Corporation 

“dotData makes it incredibly simple for our data scientists to explore a multitude of use-cases quickly and without the headaches typically associated with data science.”

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

“I was spending 95% of my time wrangling data. I just didn’t see value in automating the last 5% of my process … Now I can offload most of that work and just focus on uncovering patterns and finding viable models.” 

Justin Shoolery Director of Data Science & Analytics

“With dotData, we can combine customer data, branch data, employee data and sales data at high speed to create tables for incredibly rich ML models. dotData is like a mathematician in a box.”

Philip Barnes, Director of Business Intelligence

“The AI-Policy recommendation of MS1 Brain has enabled our agencies to propose the right policy to the right customer at the right timing… With dotData, we can produce as many outcomes as the efforts of 100 data scientists put together.” 

Takashi Matsumura General Manager, Digital Strategy | MS&AD