“AutoML’s best kept secret”

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Accelerate Enterprise AI with dotData

dotData frees your business to focus on the results of your AI and Machine Learning applications, not the headaches of the Data Science process by automating the full data science life-cycle.

Data Scientists

Accelerate data science projects from months to days with Feature Engineering Automation.

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BA & BI Professionals

Empower BI and business analysts to execute AI & ML projects.

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IT Professionals

Deploy full-cycle AI & ML pipeline in minutes, update in real-time with Continuous Deployment.

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Executives & LOB

Discover the ``unknown unknowns`` of your business automatically with Data Science Automation.

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dotData Platform Automates Data Science

AutoML 2.0 with Feature Engineering Automation

The process of using data science to develop and deploy accurate Machine Learning and AI models is cumbersome, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and interdisciplinary.  dotData helps you accelerate and democratize your data science process via its ground-breaking platform with AutoML and Feature Engineering Automation (a.k.a. AutoML 2.0), shortening your AI & ML project turnaround from months to days:

Data Science Productivity

data science team by providing them with the tools to accelerate their process and improve their accuracy.

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Data Science Adoption

Democratize the adoption of data science and enable an entirely new class of users with data science automation and AutoML 2.0 capabilities.

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Data Science Acceleration

Accelerate your data science process with ai-powered feature engineering capabilities. Explore the “unknown unknowns” by discovering key features automatically.

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Operationalization of ML & AI Models

Deploy Machine Learning models for Enterprise AI quickly and easily with API-based connections. Update models in real-time.

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