The dotData team is made up of visionaries, thought leaders and innovators with deep expertise in data science, predictive analysis automation and machine learning

CEO & Founder

Ryohei is the Founder & CEO of dotData. Prior to founding dotData, he was the youngest research fellow ever in NEC Corporation’s 119-year history, the title was honored for only six individuals among 1000+ researchers.

During his tenure at NEC, Ryohei was heavily involved in developing many cutting-edge data science solutions with NEC’s global business clients, and was instrumental in the successful delivery of several high-profile analytical solutions that are now widely used in industry.

Ryohei received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Tokyo in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Vice President of Sales

Radesh leads dotData’s sales organization and is responsible for its global revenue growth. He brings over 15 years of enterprise software sales experience working with tech startups in the big data space.

Previously, Radesh managed APAC and West Coast sales teams at AtScale, Visual IQ, and SeeSaw Networks. When he is not meeting clients, Radesh loves to play tennis and cook for his friends and family.

Radesh received his M.S. degree in Environmental & Nuclear Engineering from George Washington University.

Aaron Cheng
Vice President of Data Science and Solutions

Aaron is currently the Vice President of Data Science and Solutions at dotData. As a data science practitioner with 14 years of research and industrial experience, he has held various leadership positions in spearheading new product development in the fields of data science and business intelligence. At dotData, Aaron leads the data science team in working directly with clients and solving their most challenging problems.

Prior to joining dotData, he was a Data Science Principle Manager with Accenture Digital, responsible for architecting data science solutions and delivering business values for the tech industry on the West Coast. He was instrumental in the strategic expansion of Accenture Digital’s footprint in the data science market in North America.

Aaron received his Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics from Northwestern University.

Principle Software Architect & Co-Founder

Masato is the principal software architect and co-founder of dotData. He oversees and leads the development of entire software layers of the dotData Platform, such as the reactive-based web application, process and resource management, distributed AI core engines and Spark/Hadoop-based platform of the system.

Prior to joining dotData, Masato was a researcher for NEC Corporation. He led R&D of distributed computing systems and AI-based data science automation platforms using Apache Spark as well as production of AI-based business systems.

Masato received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Keio University.

Principal Research Engineer & Co-Founder

Yukitaka is the principal research engineer and a co-founder of dotData where he leads the R&D of AI-powered feature engineering technology. He has over 10 years of experience in research related to data science, including machine learning, natural language processing and big data engineering.

Prior to joining dotData, Yukitaka was a principal researcher at NEC Corporation. He led the invention of cutting-edge technologies related to automated feature engineering from various data sources as well as worked with clients as a data science practitioner.

Yukitaka received his Ph.D. degree in Engineering from Osaka University.

Senior Data Scientist & Co-Founder

Yusuke is a Senior Data Scientist and co-founder of dotData. In this role, Yusuke is responsible for developing data science models and solutions for clients as well as establishing and sharing the best practices of agile data science with dotData.

Prior to joining the dotData team, Yusuke was a research and data scientist at NEC Corporation. He led client data science projects around the globe and concurrently developed proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Yusuke received his M.S. in Mathematical Informatics from the University of Tokyo.