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Why ML Automation Isn’t Enough

Automating and Operationalizing Data Science

The dotData Platform automates the entire data science process, from source data through feature engineering to machine learning, and delivers models ready to scale and deploy into production immediately

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Feature Engineering
Automated Machine Learning
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Feature Engineering

Better Features, Deeper Insights

dotData’s AI-powered feature engineering derives better features, faster to deliver deeper insights and higher predictability.  It automatically transforms source tables with complex relationships into a single “feature” table and makes the table ready for machine learning – typically exploring millions of features for predictive modeling.

Its proprietary AI-algorithm is built for big data, automating and streamlining the most manual, intuitional and time-consuming “black-arts” process of last-mile ETL and feature engineering while being scalable to process hundreds of tables from different sources and perform computations on billions of records.

The AI-driven features are transparent, visually explained in natural languages, and easily interpretable even for business users, accelerating implementations of data science in business operations with confidence and accountability. Moreover, they are fully data-centric and thus unbiased.

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Automated Machine Learning

Higher Accuracy, Greater Transparency

dotData’s automated machine learning conducts hundreds of trials to finely tune state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms (including proprietary ones) for the best accuracy in various optimization criteria. The fully-automated process frees up the time and resources of data scientists and enables BI engineers/business analysts to produce high-quality machine learning models, thus enabling teams to execute more data science projects than ever before.

The AutoML algorithm explores not only machine learning algorithms, but also feature preprocessing methods such as missing value imputation, outlier filtering, and normalization. In conjunction with AI-powered feature engineering, the dotData Platform automates and streamlines the end-to-end data science process on a single environment as a one-stop-shop.

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dotData GUI

Simple Operations, Rich Visualizations

The dotData GUI enables model developers to execute the entire process from data collection through last-mile ETL and feature engineering to machine learning with 5-minute operations. It is simple and intuitive, requiring neither significant data science knowledge/experience nor SQL/Python/R coding.

The Feature Insights dashboard provides natural language explanations and “blueprints” as well as performance metrics of the AI-derived features, providing clear evidences to understand and interpret the features. The Model Insights dashboard provides comparisons of hundreds of machine learning models and the visualization of detailed model statistics and accuracy metrics, enabling users to deeply analyze model behaviors.

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DotData API

Operationalize Your Pipelines, Now

The dotData Platform automatically produces the end-to-end pipeline in production quality and scalability, and enables users to immediately operationalize it through the dotData APIs, which are easily integrable with business or data services. Further, dotData Retraining APIs allow users to automate the time-consuming and head-aching process to maintain the deployed pipeline and ensure repeatability as data changes over time. The dotData APIs make data science operationalized in businesses, generating continuous business value.

dotData’s Model Porting enables users to port any developed pipeline from a development environment to a production environment in just a few clicks – significantly reducing the time and cost to integrate and productionalize data science projects.

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dotData Delivers

Enterprise Capabilities

The dotData Platform delivers end-to-end data science solutions with its thoughtfully developed enterprise functionality, which enables businesses to deliver security, scalability, flexibility and performance to meet their specific business goals. Global Fortune 250 companies have benefited from these enterprise features and have delivered greater business impacts from data science than ever before.

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