dotData Enterprise: Predictive Analytics Automation for BI & Analytics Teams


Full-Cycle, No-Code AI

Changing business opportunities and needs are driving a more data-driven approach to growth. The increased focus on data is placing increased pressure on organizations to deliver more AI/ML models. dotData Enterprise streamlines AutoML and AutoFE and provides “full-cycle” automated machine learning to deliver AI/ML in days, instead of months.


Automate up to 100% of the Development of AI/ML Models

dotData Enterprise is an enterprise-grade AI automation platform. It streamlines Automated Feature Engineering and Automated Machine Learning technologies and offers no-code end-to-end automation. BI & Analytics teams can leverage dotData Enterprise to build predictive models in days to make dashboards predictive and actionable.

No-Code Automation in 5 Minutes

Develop your AI pipeline from raw data to feature engineering and machine learning in just five minutes.

No Cumbersome Data Wrangling

Connect, cleanse, and manipulate your data and eliminates time-consuming and error-prone data wrangling.

You Don’t Need to be a Data Scientist

Free yourself from the heavy lifting and technical complexities of AI development and focus on solving business problems.

Automate the Data Science Process

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eBook: Getting Started With Predictive Analytics

Your BI team has been tasked with deploying a predictive analytics solution. Maybe you even have a defined use-case, like predicting and reducing churn. But now you need to actually develop the ML models to do it. Read our free eBook on Predictive Analytics and learn all the ins and outs of getting ready, finding the right technology and how AI Automation can help.



Unify Multiple Data Sources

Connect directly to multiple data sources and prep them for Feature Engineering and ML with unified data mapping.

Automated Feature Engineering

Discover AI-features to boost your model accuracy and deliver deeper insights from multi-modal datasets.

AutoML Built-In

Leverage state-of-the-art ML algorithms, hyper-parameter search, missing value imputation, outlier cleansing, and more.

Handle Billions of Rows

Support enterprise-scale data  with complex table relationships and billions of rows.

Explainable AI

Produce explainable features and models and make your AI models more actionable.

Real time deployment

Deploy features and models through either a batch process or in real-time environments.