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Streamline your feature discovery & engineering and machine learning development with dotData.

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Drive Predictive Analytics with No-Code Automation

dotData provides a new approach to predictive analysis through AI automation. No SQL or Python coding needed – dotData does not even require visual programming or drawing complex workflows. Just load your data and define your prediction. dotData builds everything you need from data prep to feature engineering and machine learning.

“Feature engineering is powerful and scalable, even across tens of tables with billions of rows.”

Key Features

dotData Feature Discovery

Automated Feature Discovery

Discover signals in your data

Discover patterns in your enterprise data by searching millions of hypotheses across dozens of tables, thousands of columns, and billions of rows of data.

Go beyond simple intuition

Let the data speak for itself by discovering meaningful patterns free from the bias of human experience.

Leverage your data diversity

Take advantage of your broad data types with support for time-series, transactional, geo-location, and even text data to discover broad multimodal data patterns.

No-Code Data Science Automation

No-Code, End-to-End Automation

Measure ROI from ML in days, not months

Leverage true end-to-end data science automation and develop predictive models automatically to measure ROI in days – not months or years.

Automate the hardest part

Automate all your feature discovery – the hardest, most time-consuming, and most manual part of the ML development process.

Make your analysts “predictive”

Give your analytics team the power of an end-to-end GUI-based no-code platform to turn your analytics team into a predictive analytics powerhouse.

Gain Feature Transparency

True Insights From Your Data

Predictions with true transparency

Build truly transparent ML-based predictive models by getting a visual understanding of your ML features. Trace data lineage of how features were built with feature blueprints.

Measure feature importance

Not all features in your ML model are alike. Measure feature importance with statistical scores and visualizations to get true quantitative transparency.

MLOps that

Easy MLOps

Model production made simple

Deploy, schedule, and execute end-to-end prediction pipelines from data processing through feature generations and predictions quickly and easily.

Stay on top of model performance

Monitor feature prediction quality and detect drifts and performance degradation through automated alerts that tell you when to act.

Ultimate scalability

Scale production environments as needed by automatically provisioning clusters “on demand” and by executing predictions dynamically and elastically.

MLOps that

Use Case Co-Development

Start with your business

Co-define your most valuable AI use cases to provide measurable business impact with the help of our world-class data science team.

Go beyond just training

Our data science team will work with you as an extension of your team and help you gain hands-on experience solving your own business challenges with AI/ML.

Full AI/ML orchestration

Our data science team will help you operate AI/ML as part of your business workflows. We will help you design the ideal architecture and integrate AI/ML with downstream dashboards and applications.

Justin Shoolery - dotData Client

How sticky.io Recovered $96M Annually With dotData

For payment processor sticky.io, the process of identifying the right day and time to attempt a credit card transaction is critical. The manual “dunning” process as its known was causing them to lose tens of millions per month in declined transactions. See how they turned to dotData’s No Code AI platform and saved $98M per year – in 90 days.

How dotData Helps You Become Data-Driven