dotData Cloud AI Automation Platform

Everything You Need To Get Started With AI


New to AI and Machine Learning?

BI teams need AI to develop predictive dashboards and applications for their BI stack, but building AI models is time-consuming, error-prone, and just plain hard. dotData Cloud provides everything you need to rocket-start your AI journey with a full-hosted no-code AI automation platform.


Measurable Value From Day One

dotData Cloud provides measurable value from day one. Your dotData Cloud environment is built on an enterprise-grade architecture and comes with expert help from our data science team to help you successfully onboard your first use-case.

Everything You Need for Success

dotData Cloud comes with the award-winning AI automation platform and full support of our world-class data science team to ensure success from day one.

AI/ML Success in 45 Days

Our data science team will work with you to develop the first AI application and make measurable business impact in the first 45 days.

You Don’t Need to be a Data Scientist

Free yourself from the heavy lifting and technical complexities of AI development and start your AI journey guided by our AI experts.

Automate the Data Science Process

Group 12@2x

How Saved $8M A Month

When needed to automate their development of AI/ML models they turned to dotData. After evaluating multiple options, they just could not see spending money to automate just 5% of the work. Read the case study and see why they chose dotData Cloud.



100% Hosted & Ready to Go

dotData Cloud is a hosted and fully managed AI automation platform. No IT headache to manage an enterprise-scale AI infrastructure.

No-Code AI Automation in Minutes

Develop your AI pipeline from raw data to feature engineering and machine learning in 5 minutes.

No Cumbersome Data Wrangling

Connect, cleanse, and manipulate your data and eliminates time-consuming and error-prone data wrangling.

Start Small, Scale as You Need

Get started quickly and easily with a minimum configuration – then just add resources as your needs grow.

Single Tenant, For Maximum Security

dotData Cloud employs a single-tenant architecture with an environment that is exclusively dedicated to you to protect your data.

Guaranteed Success in 45 Days

Our data science team will work with you to develop your first AI application and make a measurable business impact in the first 45 days.