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dotData Stream Containerized AI

Containerized AI Deployment Powered by dotData

dotData Stream is a containerized AI engine that provides real-time prediction capabilities. As soon as you build a model using dotData Enterprise or dotData Feature Factory, you can deploy the model as a prediction micro-service with a single Docker command.

Containerized AI Deployment

Deploy Models for Real-Time Applications

Deploy AI/ML models in the most challenging real-time applications where millisecond predictions can make the difference between success and failure.

Real-Time Intelligence

Enable real-time AI applications to evolve your business with millisecond predictions.

MLOps Friendly

Deploy containerized AI onto leading cloud MLOps platforms such as Amazon SageMaker.

Edge Ready

Deliver AI on IoT Edge servers with a minimum resource footprint.

Containerized Model Deployment

Why Companies Struggle With Deploying AI Models

Moving from “experimenting” with AI to actually deploying AI models into production environments can often prove to be a big challenge. Download our free white paper and learn how to identify the problems and how to overcome the challenge.