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dotData Announces dotData Insight for Salesforce – A Revolution in Sales and Marketing Analytics

May 22, 2024

Automatically uncover infinite actionable drivers for sales and marketing from Salesforce data with dotData’s groundbreaking AI and generative AI.

CHICAGO, Illinois, MAY 22, 2024 – dotData, a pioneer and leading provider of AI-powered insight discovery platforms, unveiled a groundbreaking solution at the Salesforce Connections conference today – dotData Insight for Salesforce. Based on dotData’s revolutionary Insight platform, this transformative tool uncovers infinite actionable drivers for sales and marketing from Salesforce data, opening up new horizons for Salesforce subscribers.

“dotData Insight for Salesforce liberates marketing professionals from the burden of manually building complex analytics reports and dashboards, allowing front-line marketing professionals to extract actionable signals swiftly and drivers directly from Salesforce data – automatically,” emphasized Walter Paliska, dotData’s VP of Marketing.

Connect Directly and Securely to Salesforce

dotData Insight for Salesforce connects directly to Salesforce and securely transfers data. Users can quickly suppress fields from syncing that may contain sensitive information. The sync process begins instantly and completes automatically without any further intervention from users. dotData Insight will even sync and understand vital meta-data information like picklist field values and custom fields that are critical to all marketing organizations.

Uncover Unknown-Unknowns Without the Hassle

dotData Insight for Salesforce is designed to uncover unknown-unknowns, powered by dotData’s groundbreaking AI technology. dotData’s AI automatically explores multiple tables, including Lead, Task, Event, and Historical tables, along with standard and custom fields from Salesforce data, to discover unique signals that are nearly impossible to identify using traditional analytics and reporting tools. Marketing professionals find ten times more signals without manually writing extensive SQL queries and generate key driver reports for marketing executives 10X faster.

Identify Actionable Business Drivers from Day One

dotData Insight for Salesforce offers pre-built lead conversion analysis, addressing the most critical and highest-value use cases for sales and marketing. From day one, with almost zero effort, sales and marketing professionals can identify key factors that drive sales opportunities to convert and understand how to improve the conversion rate. Additionally, users can easily conduct their custom use cases using dotData Insight with minimal effort.

Mr. Paliska added, “dotData Insight discovers unique connections between Salesforce data elements and finds and evaluates the usefulness of signals providing a lot of transparency to what drives lead conversion – or whatever business outcomes are vital to marketers.”

An Analyst in a Box, Powered by Generative AI

dotData Insight for Salesforce leverages the latest Large Language Models to provide “an analyst in a box.” It helps users interpret business drivers and uses a chat interface to assist marketers in understanding their findings and delving deeper into analyses. dotData Insight’s GenAI capability also enables marketers to ask questions about the impact of specific drivers and discover strategies to maximize return on investment, using their time and resources better.

Fully Customizable and Ready to Scale Beyond Salesforce

dotData Insight is a highly scalable and customizable solution, enabling marketing organizations to leverage dozens of data sources beyond Salesforce fully. By starting with lead conversion analysis from Salesforce data, sales and marketing teams can conduct unlimited use cases and discover deeper signals and insights from data across various systems. This allows marketing executives to enhance their data-driven decision-making processes and overall strategy by holistically understanding their data.

Ready to Try Immediately at

dotData Insight for Salesforce is available through a free trial, discovering lead conversion drivers immediately from your Salesforce data. For more information, marketing professionals and marketing analysts can visit

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