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dotData Releases dotData Enterprise Version 3.2

July 12, 2023

dotData Enterprise 3.2 arrives with large-scale data visualizations, enhanced API automation, feature leakage detection, and BI integration.

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 12, 2023 – dotData, a pioneer and leader of enterprise feature discovery platforms, announced the release of dotData Enterprise 3.2 to provide BI & analytics professionals with advanced feature leakage detection, greater API automation capabilities, visualizations for large-scale data sets and out-of-the-box integration with BI platforms, along with significant improvements to the overall user experience to make users more productive and efficient. 

 “dotData Enterprise 3.2 continues to deliver on our promise of an automated platform that provides our users the ultimate robustness, advanced capabilities, and ease of use,” said Ryohei Fujimaki, Ph.D., founder and CEO of dotData. 

Key updates of dotData Enterprise Version 3.2 include:

Large Scale Data Visualizations

dotData Enterprise 3.2 adds new data visualizations designed to make it easier for users to understand and evaluate their models and provide deeper insights into models and features developed using dotData’s AI automation. The critical advantage of newly added visualizations is the support of enterprise-scale large data. For example, the regression error analysis chart can visualize millions of samples while the target encoding mapping supports hundreds of thousands of categorical values – all with nearly seamless interactivity capabilities to allow users to understand their data at any granularity. 

Sample-level Feature and Prediction Explainability

In our unwavering pursuit of increasing transparency and explainability, dotData Enterprise 3.2 now offers a new feature that provides detailed, sample-level explanations. This function empowers users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the primary influencers (or feature importance) underpinning every individual prediction. The integration of sample-level feature and prediction explainability enables users to implement business strategies at a granular level (i.e., for each specific prediction). This is a significant advancement beyond just understanding the overall model behavior (i.e., model-level explainability).

Instant Integrations with Popular BI Platforms

A newly-introduced built-in JDBC endpoint allows various outcomes generated by dotData Enterprise 3.2 to be shared as data sources into popular BI platforms like Tableau. Whether publishing prediction scores, feature tables, or model metrics, BI Integration allows users advanced flexibility in visualizing and analyzing them while also giving them the power to leverage predictions seamlessly to build robust predictive business dashboards that provide line-of-business users meaningful insights into the business.

Automated Data Leakage Detection for Higher Feature and Model Quality

dotData Enterprise 3.2 introduces a powerful capability to enhance model and feature quality. A new “‘leaky feature detection” function measures the leakage propensity of each feature and presents it to the user via visual GUI elements. Users can spot leaky features in advance and maintain feature and model quality.

Enhanced API Automation

dotData Enterprise 3.2 has always been at the forefront of providing an automated end-to-end ML development experience. dotData Enterprise 3.2 significantly enhances this by introducing several new APIs, including Automated Feature Discovery and Automated Machine Learning. Armed with these new APIs, dotData Enterprise users can further automate their ML development workflow from outside dotData Enterprise, accelerating the entire ML lifecycle – from cleansing raw data to feature engineering and machine learning model development.

To learn more about dotData Enterprise or to schedule a personalized walk-through of the platform and the new enhancements, visit dotData’s website or the dotData Enterprise product page today.

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