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dotData Releases dotData Enterprise Version 2.12

February 28, 2023

dotData’s latest version of dotData Enterprise adds key capabilities that further enhance its position as one of the industry’s leading platforms for Feature Discovery and ML development.

SAN MATEO, Calif., February 28, 2023 – dotData, a pioneer and leader of the feature discovery platform, announced the release of dotData Enterprise 2.12 to provide BI & analytics professionals with a wealth of new features aimed at adding transparency to the enterprise data, enhancing time-series modeling capabilities, making it easier to select the model and understand features. 

 “dotData Enterprise is a cornerstone platform for dotData. Version 2.12 expands on dotData’s vision of making ML development more accessible to a broad range of users whil adding key capabilities that make discovering valuable business insights simple,” said Ryohei Fujimaki, Ph.D., founder and CEO of dotData. 

Key updates of dotData Enterprise Version 2.12 include:

Greater Data Transparency

dotData Enterprise 2.12 can now render sophisticated visualizations of complex data relationships in enterprise data at the statistical summary and detail record levels. With these new visualization capabilities, users can conduct in-depth Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) to understand their data patterns and quality before beginning the automated process of discovering features and building ML models through automated machine learning.

Automated Model Recommendations

The new model recommendation engine automatically balances model accuracy, robustness, complexity, and interpretability to suggest the best model based on a user’s preferences. When selecting the ideal models, dotData users no longer need to analyze and compare a myriad of complex technical concepts and statistical metrics but instead can leverage the natural guidance provided by automated model recommendations.

Improvements to Time-Series Modeling

dotData Enterprise 2.12 adds a wealth of new time-series feature types, including Wavelet transformation features (popular in manufacturing use cases), time-event features often used in demand forecasting models, time-duration features necessary for churn prediction, and much more. dotData Enterprise 2.12 also introduces a local time-series outlier elimination algorithm that significantly stabilizes time-series forecasting and advanced data availability management to avoid temporal data leakage for multi-relational data.

Business-Focused Feature Interpretation

dotData Enterprise 2.12 enhances feature interpretation by allowing users to go beyond simple inputs for machine learning by discovering true business insights. With a no-code interpretability interface, dotData users can uncover the most significant segments of features that are more business-interpretable and can provide immediately actionable insights for the business. 

To learn more about dotData Enterprise or to schedule a personalized walk-through of the platform and the new enhancements, visit dotData’s website or the dotData Enterprise product page today.

Enhanced Microsoft Azure Integration

As a result of dotData’s partnership with Microsoft, dotData recently announced enhancements for dotData Py that have now been extended to dotData Enterprise to provide tighter integration with Microsoft’s Azure ecosystem. dotData Enterprise can now benefit from one-click data ingestion capabilities from Azure Synapse Analytics, advanced user management when using Azure Active Directory, and more. 

About dotData

dotData’s pioneering automated feature discovery and engineering platform solves the hardest challenge of AI/ML projects. Our Feature Factory technology discovers hidden gems for empowering your business as transparent, explainable features by connecting the dots within large-scale data sets in hours, without human bias. It enables data scientists to explore 100X more features, including those you’ve yet to imagine, and arguments AI/ML projects in an agile manner to deliver business value faster. In an era of rapid change, AI-discovered insights can be a game changer for business growth and innovation across industries. The power of dotData’s platform and ability to provide game-changing insights is why Fortune 500 organizations across the globe use dotData.
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