AI Made Easy for BI & Analytics Teams

Give your BI and Analytics teams the power to build predictive dashboards and deliver actionable business insights through AI Automation.


Drive Predictive Analysis With No-Code AI Automation

dotData provides a new approach to perform predictive analysis through AI automation. No SQL or Python coding needed – dotData does not even require visual programming or drawing complex workflows. Just load your data via drag & drop and tell what you want to predict. dotData automatically builds everything you need from data prep to feature engineering and machine learning.

Predictive Analysis with No Coding

dotData is a true No-Code AI platform for BI teams. Just import your data, set up your prediction, and start. No code, no diagrams, just results.

Discover Deep & Actionable Insights

dotData deliver deeper and more actionable insights by taking maximum advantage of your rich enterprise data sets including transactions, text, geolocation and time series.

You Don’t Need to Be a Data Scientist

Free yourself from the heavy lifting and technical complexities of AI development and focus on solving business problems.

Democratize and accelerate enterprise data science

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End-to-End AI Automation

With streamlined AutoFE and AutoML technologies, dotData empowers BI & Analytics teams, helping them build predictive models in days to make reports and dashboards truly actionable.

Editing Data

No Cumbersome Data Wrangling

dotData connects, cleanses, and manipulates data to create an AI-ready data set freeing you from time-consuming and error-prone data wrangling tasks.


No-Code AI Automation In 5 Minutes

Add AI capabilities without a hassle by Developing an end-to-end AI pipeline in 5 minutes, with no code, from raw data to feature engineering to machine learning.


Discover Multimodal Insights

Uncover multimodal insights and build richer, more accurate predictions by combining relational, transactional, temporal, geo, and text data with Automated Feature Engineering.

Respected by Industry Experts

Named a leader by Forrester’s New Wave report for AutoML solutions. Forrester remarked that dotData was “AutoML’s best-kept secret.” and that it had the “unique ability to automatically generate new, transparent features across many data sets.”