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dotData Insight: Melding the Power of AI-Driven Insight Discovery & Generative AI

December 5, 2023


Today, we announced the launch of dotData Insight, a new platform that leverages an AI-driven business signal discovery engine augmented with GenerativeAI – deriving business hypotheses beyond uncovered signals. dotData Insight directly explores millions of possible data signals from convoluted enterprise data, frees data analysts, business intelligence professionals, and power users from weeks or months of repetitive trial-and-error effort, and delivers valuable and unseen insights. 

Move From a Single-Threaded Analytics Process to  Multi-Threaded Signal Discovery 

Business Intelligence (BI) systems have been around for decades, yet according to VentureBeat, 90% of executives still struggle to use data to make decisions. The problem is inherent in how BI systems were developed – and in how they were intended to be used. BI systems are ideal for providing business users with information on “what” happened to the business. Whether in scorecard systems, dashboards, or static reports, they provide a static snapshot of specific business indicators.

Using traditional BI and reporting tools for business signal discovery is slow, tedious and requires multiple iterations

While BI and reporting systems have proven useful, they do not solve a critical problem that impacts most business users – how to identify key business signals that impact their business. In order, for example, to understand why customers might be churning, a business user and their analytics team will need to begin with a hypothesis – “maybe it’s because of high pricing…” – armed with a hypothesis, the analyst will build a report and share it with the user. The problem with this approach is two-fold: first, it relies exclusively on the intuition of either the user or the analyst, introducing “experience bias” – where the people building the reports might inadvertently overlook critical signals that they have not seen in the past. The second challenge is that discovering business signals using a series of reports is an iterative, time-consuming trial-and-error process that requires days, often weeks, to complete.

dotData Insight takes a new and groundbreaking approach, letting data speak for itself.  Users forego the countless hours spent manually identifying high-value hypotheses by starting with data to discover insights. dotData’s AI-driven business signal discovery technology identifies hundreds of thousands of possible hypotheses by using machine learning to identify relationships in data and evaluate those hypotheses against a business goal.

dotData Insight uses a multi-threaded approach to discover and analyze all possible signals simultaneously, automatically using your data’s power to find high-value business patterns.

This automated process eradicates blind spots in manual data selection and analysis by exploring hundreds of thousands of potential patterns in just a few hours. This shift is enabled for business analysts through a user-friendly, intuitive, point-and-click interface that seamlessly integrates with enterprise data. As a result, business analysts can uncover ten times more insights, all with minimal reliance on domain experts, data scientists, or data engineers.

Identify Deeper Insights From Convoluted Enterprise Data on Day One

dotData Insigh’s introduction of automatic signal discovery revolutionizes the business analytics landscape, eliminating arduous manual tasks around complex and convoluted enterprise data, such as complex data wrangling, building joins, aggregations, and group-bys needed to start building data understanding. As a result, dotData Insight accelerates the journey from data to identifying high-value business signals and significantly accelerates the time-to-value. 

In contrast, traditional manual processes, including the time-consuming development of hypotheses, visualization, and validation, often extend over weeks or months before obtaining actionable results. dotData’s AI-driven business signal discovery, without  SQL or complex visual data pipeline designs, unlocks the discovery of business drivers hidden within complex data relationships. Data-centric analysis empowers users with the insights they need for informed business driver selection and decision-making, making data analysis faster, more efficient, and highly productive.

Identify critical business drivers from convoluted enterprise data from day 1 – in minutes

Ideate Actionable Business Hypotheses from Discovered Insights with GenAI

dotData is taking data signals and business signal discovery to the next level by introducing a powerful Generative AI-based assistant that transforms raw signals into actionable business hypotheses. This innovative capability fuses discovered data signals with world knowledge from GenAI and domain knowledge databases to build hypotheses unique to your business. 

Moreover, dotData Insight allows users to group business drivers and relevant metrics, facilitating the creation of insightful business segment analyses. Tracking key metrics is made effortless on a visual dashboard, providing immediate visibility into critical trends. Users can export their findings and generate scorecards, making sharing high-value insights with stakeholders easy. dotData Insight represents a significant step in making data-driven decision-making more accessible and creative for businesses.

Incorporate Structured and Unstructured Data for Thorough Insight Discovery

dotData transforms unstructured data into business-friendly context labels, including text containing rich business contexts that are often hard for business analysts to analyze. With the capability to fuse structured and unstructured data, dotData Insight unveils valuable information that might have otherwise remained concealed. What sets dotData Insight apart is our ability to seamlessly handle large-scale enterprise data, encompassing tens of tables, hundreds or even thousands of columns, and billions of rows, ensuring that no data is left unexplored. dotData Insight also seamlessly integrates and discovers business drivers across a spectrum of multimodal data signals, including those from temporal, geospatial, categorical, and numeric attributes. dotData’s comprehensive approach to signal discovery from diverse enterprise data is poised to empower businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the data-driven landscape.

A New Paradigm in Discovering Key Business Drivers

With dotData Insight, we are launching an entirely new analytics platform to find meaningful signals directly from raw enterprise data. dotData Insight eliminates the tedious and laborious process of identifying possible hypotheses for what might be driving your business, and it lets you move to a proactive approach that uses the hidden power within your data to surface high-value signals quickly and effortlessly automatically. To request a demo or a free trial of dotData Insight, visit our demo request page, and we will contact you soon.

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