Learn How Data Scientists Can Automate ML Workflows With dotData

Expand your feature space with award-winning automated feature engineering and deliver more models that are more accurate.

Data Scientist
Addressing the Challenges Facing Data Scientists

Better ML Through Automated Feature Engineering

Build better models by leveraging the power of automated feature engineering (AutoFE) integrated directly into your Python-based ML workflow on your Notebook. Augment your features through AI-derived features and give your data science team the power to unlock the maximum value of your data.

Enhance Your ML Models

Adding more data and more features is the best way to improve models. Explore 10X more data and 100X more features with AutoFE.

Enable Agile ML Development

Data and feature engineering are time-consuming and slow. Prepare ML-ready datasets and boost your trial-and-error cycle with AutoFE.

Discover Multimodal Insights

Discover multimodal patterns by wrangling and combining relational, transactional, temporal, geo-locational, and text data, automatically.


100X More Features Through Automation

Intelligently manipulate tens of tables with complex relationships and billions of records to build ML-ready feature tables in just hours – dotData helps you discover hidden patterns in your data to build valuable features you might have never considered.


Discover Multimodal Patterns

Diver deeper into your complex enterprise data with automated discovery of multimodal patterns by wrangling and combining relational, transactional, geo, and text data – automatically to build richer models with deeper insights.


Transform Relational Tables

dotData automates feature engineering, the most manual, and time-consuming step of AI and ML projects. Automatically discover hidden patterns and AI features hidden in hundreds of tables with complex relationships and billions of rows. Explore 10x more data and 100x more features in hours and deliver more models with greater accuracy.

Server Room

Production-Ready Features

Automatically generate production-ready feature queries that can be deployed in production with enterprise scalability – even in real-time scenarios.

Democratize and accelerate enterprise data science


Ingest enterprise relational data (numeric, categorical, transaction, time-series, geo-location, text, etc.)

Auto Data Prep

Automatically pre-process your data (schema mapping, value cleansing, record filtering, outlier, record duplication, etc.)

Auto Feature

Automatically discover, evaluate, select features with transparent feature explanations and blue-prints

Feature Table

Augment your own features with AI-derived features for more powerful, more accurate models

Auto ML

Automatically optimize and validate your ML model based on industry-leading algorithms (XGBoost, LightGBM, TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.)


Empower your BI team to build predictive dashboards and democratize enterprise AI


Deploy models with a single command and run predictions anywhere in containerized form

AI Container

Deploy and run predictions at scale for your most valuable use-cases


Respected by Industry Experts

Named a leader by Forrester’s New Wave report for AutoML solutions. Forrester remarked that dotData was “AutoML’s best-kept secret.” and that it had the “unique ability to automatically generate new, transparent features across many data sets.”