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empowering team members to execute data science projects, giving data scientists the freedom to solve bigger challenges, faster

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BI and Analytics
BI & Analytics
Data Scientist | dotData
Data Scientists
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Software and IT | dotData
Software & IT
BI & Analytics

BI & Analytics

dotData arms analysts of all skill levels to execute complex data science tasks in just 5 minutes through a GUI operation, truly being “citizen data scientists”.

  • Expand your role and elevate your contribution to AI and ML initiatives beyond data visualization and dashboards
  • Execute data science projects with minimal additional skills or training
  • Enhance your data visualization and BI dashboard with AI-driven predictions
Data Scientists

Data Scientists

dotData empowers data scientists to achieve higher productivity and drive greater business impacts than ever before.

  • Deliver 10x more projects with end-to-end automation, resulting in 10x more business outcomes
  • Utilize high-quality and interpretable features to improve your machine learning algorithms and models
  • Generate production-ready pipelines to your IT/Software team in just one click
Executives | dotData


dotData speeds time to value, delivering meaningful insights and actionable outcomes that result in greater ROI in days, rather than months.

  • Transform your business to an AI-driven enterprise and incorporate a data-driven mindset into daily actions
  • Accelerate and operationalize your AI and ML initiatives to deliver 10x more business impacts
  • Mitigate scarce resources of experienced data science talents with automation
Software & IT

Software & IT

The dotData Platform is enterprise-ready and makes operationalization of the end-to-end data science pipelines in production faster and simpler than ever before, freeing Software and IT professionals from time-consuming and resource-intensive efforts to deploy, operate and maintain the developed pipelines.

  • Integrate pipelines developed with the dotData Platform and start to consume them, immediately, through dotData prediction APIs
  • Automate maintenance of your pipelines and keep them fresh along with data evolution, through dotData re-training APIs
  • Enjoy enterprise-ready scalability, data security, process & resource management and data connectivity as well as flexible deployment for on-premises or cloud

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