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Are You Wasting Time Developing AI for Your BI Stack?

May 21, 2020

Harvard Business Review recently published interesting research findings from Accenture. The research shed light on how 1500 C-suite executives across 16 industries in 12 countries think about AI. The survey concluded that while most C-suite executives recognize the need to integrate AI capabilities, many fail to move beyond the PoC stage. According to the research, three out of four executives believe they risk going out of business entirely if they don’t scale AI. The authors espoused a radical idea of killing the PoC and jumping straight to scale.

But how do you move beyond AI experiments? What tools do you need to successfully implement AI at scale? According to Accenture research, companies that are succeeding with AI are doing three critical things: 1)Pivoting from PoCs to pilots, 2) Committing to action, and 3) Ensuring the right team is in the right place from the very start.

At dotData, we believe that equipping the right team with the right tools and relevant training will enable businesses to move quickly to piloting AI technology. Our new AI-FastStart program helps Business Intelligence professionals develop AI and Machine Learning (ML) powered Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. With AI-FastStart™, BI teams can quickly move from zero to a fully operational AI/ML experience in ninety days or less.

With AI-FastStart, customers get an enterprise license for the most advanced automated machine learning (AutoML) Platform – dotData Enterprise.

In addition, we’ve bundled training, use-case co-development, as well as a fully-managed SaaS environment. The program is ideal for companies with a strong BI practice and that wish to add predictive analytics capabilities without adding or growing expensive resources and data science teams. Many businesses need help with defining AI use cases and struggle with data readiness. The BI and analytics leaders at these companies have prioritized predictive analytics use cases but either don’t have a budget for hiring more data scientists or simply don’t have in-house data science skills. AI-FastStart allows these companies to leverage existing resources – in-house BI teams – and allows them to add more value with AI + BI – in record time.

The AI-FastStart program provides full access to our award-winning dotData Enterprise platform: and comes with powerful features:

  • Automated data collection with drag and drop data import and flexible database connectivity
  • AI-Focused data preparation that includes data value cleansing, statistical data profiling, and data re-architecting
  • AI-Powered Feature Engineering with feature hypothesis, query generation, and feature relevance validation
  • Machine Learning Automation with auto-algorithm tuning, accuracy validation and model selection
  • Visualization including visual model performance analysis, feature transparency explanation and blue-print
  • Model Production with prediction and retraining endpoint generation, model package, and containerized model generation.

The AI-FastStart program is designed to provide everything businesses need to get started with AI. Our vision is to democratize AI and empower BI teams – data engineers, analysts, and developers with an integrated all-in-one automation platform along with the necessary support, onboarding, and training. The only requirement is a commitment to action! Are the C-suite executives listening?
Get started today by visiting our AI-FastStart™ program page or by filling out this form.

Sachin Andhare

Sachin Andhare

Sachin is an enterprise product marketing leader with global experience in advanced analytics, digital transformation, and the IoT. He serves as Head of Product Marketing at dotData, evangelizing predictive analytics applications. Sachin has a diverse background across a variety of industries spanning software, hardware and service products including several startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.