How and Why Your Enterprise Should Democratize Data Science

By Ryohei Fujimaki, dotData CEO and Founder

February 07, 2019

Data science is now a major area of technology investment given its impact on customer experience, revenue, operations, supply chain, risk management and many other business functions. However, recent research indicates that although digital transformation and AI journeys are key initiatives, companies are struggling to get them off the ground. One of the key challenges is hiring the right team including a scarce commodity — the data scientist.

One of the most noticeable trends to overcome the challenge and to accelerate enterprise data science is data science democratization that would empower citizen data scientists(such as business analysts and business intelligence engineers) to solve complex data science problems, making it possible for a broader range of practitioners to execute data science projects. Although this concept has been widely discussed, many enterprises have been struggling to truly democratize data science. This article discusses best practices for enterprises to follow when democratizing data science.

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