AI’s Impact in 2020: 3 Trends to Watch

December 2, 2019

Our founder and CEO shares his top three trends for data professionals in 2020 in this article at TDWI:

The rise of AutoML 2.0 platforms will be a significant trend in 2020, driven by AI. Investing in technologies to accelerate the data science process is necessary to build more effective models. Automation will need to automate the process of creating machine learning models. Data scientists and citizen data scientists will create many AI and ML models. Data scientists will use new tools to make more transparent and accurate models that will accelerate digital transformations. In 2020, big data will continue to be in high demand, resulting in continued challenges for businesses implementing AI and ML initiatives. In 2020, the adoption of full-cycle data science platforms will lead to more efficient use of data and a quicker time-to-market for AI. Read the full article: AI’s Impact in 2020: 3 Trends to Watch


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