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dotData Launches dotData Cloud for BI Teams to Quickly and Easily Fully Automate AI/ML Development with Enterprise-Grade Performance and Scalability

February 24, 2021

Risk-free, all-inclusive bundle delivers full access to end-to-end AI/ML automation, hosting, co-developing use cases to generate measurable business values in 45 days

SAN MATEO, Calif., February 24, 2021 dotData, a pioneer in delivering full-cycle data science automation and operationalization for the enterprise, today announced dotData Cloud, a new risk-free, AI-automation software platform and services designed to empower business intelligence (BI) teams with the ability to quickly and efficiently automate 100 percent of AI/ML development with support to help enterprises achieve measurable business value in 45 days. The solution was developed specifically to support growing enterprise organizations with small or no data science teams who want to launch or accelerate their data science practice. 

At the core of dotData’s new cloud-based offering is access to dotData’s highly-available and infinitely-scalable enterprise-grade full-cycle data science automation platform, which accelerates ROI and lowers the total cost of model development by automating the entire data science process at the core of AI/ML.

dotData customer enables thousands of businesses to manage their back-end operations on a unified ecommerce platform. Their offering, a fully integrated subscription management and recurring billing platform, captures a lot of data with customer flows from providers such as processing, fulfillment, marketing, customer support and more.’s data science and analytics team wanted to apply automated machine learning to quickly analyze customer data to spot specific patterns from the data from the hundreds of millions of transactions they were seeing. The team evaluated several AutoML tools, but found that the amount of data prep needed to get value would be too high. Additionally, the structure, complexity, and nature of the data used by meant that generating and evaluating feature value was more critical than merely automating the process of developing ML models. dotData Cloud’s feature automation and selection capabilities were keys for the team in choosing dotData.

“Before dotData, querying data, finding the right format, moving data to a new hosted cluster and testing models could take more than a month — only to find out the model did not work,”  said Justin Shoolery, Director of Data Science & Analytics, “Now I can offload most of that work and just focus on uncovering patterns and finding viable models. With dotData Cloud, we feel that finally we have a solution that is very promising.” 

“As the demand for AI and ML capabilities continues to rapidly increase, we are seeing a big need in the market for full-cycle automation platforms, particularly among smaller to medium-sized companies that do not have well established data science teams or the resources to build them,” said Ryohei Fujimaki, Ph.D., founder and CEO of dotData. “dotData Cloud provides access to advanced AI/ML development tools in a cloud-based platform to empower BI teams to fully-automate the data science process, enabling them to build, deploy and scale AI models literally in a few hours. Not only are they able to more rapidly realize value from their data, but dotData’s automated feature engineering capability also delivers thousands of more insights from the same data.”

dotData Cloud is currently available as an all-inclusive bundle that includes technology and support to assist organizations in developing and deploying their first model, with a 45-day, risk-free, no-money guarantee. The dotData Cloud bundle features:

  • 100% Cloud-based platform with enterprise-grade performance and scalability
  • 45-Day “Risk-Free” pay nothing upfront, cancel in the first 45 days
  • Build AI models quickly with no effort with end-to-end AI automation
  • Full support to onboard your first AI model included free of charge

dotData provides AI Automation solutions that help accelerate the process of developing AI and machine learning models for use in advanced predictive analytics BI dashboards and applications. dotData makes it easy for data scientists, BI developers and data engineers to develop AI/ML capabilities in just days by automating the full life-cycle of the data science process, including feature engineering. dotData’s AI-powered feature engineering automatically discovers, evaluates and features by transforming hundreds of tables with complex relationships and billions of rows into a single feature table, automating the most manual data science projects that are fundamental to developing predictive analytics solutions.

dotData helps data scientists scale and augment their data science practice by allowing them to build, evaluate and deploy features they might have not considered by automatically discovering hidden patterns within enterprise data. It also democratizes data science by enabling BI developers and data engineers to make enterprise data science scalable and sustainable. dotData can automate up to 100 percent of the AI/ML development workflow, enabling users to connect directly to their enterprise data sources to discover and evaluate millions of features from complex table structures and huge data sets with minimal user input. dotData is also designed to operationalize AI/ML models by producing both feature and ML scoring pipelines in production, which IT teams can then immediately integrate with business workflows. This can further automate the time-consuming and arduous process of maintaining the deployed pipeline to ensure repeatability as data changes over time. With the dotData GUI, AI/ML development becomes a five-minute operation, requiring neither significant data science experience nor SQL/Python/R coding.

For more information on dotData Cloud or for a demo of dotData’s AI-powered full-cycle data science automation platform, please visit

About dotData

dotData pioneered AI-Powered Feature Engineering to accelerate and automate the process of building AI/ML models, to drive higher business value for the enterprise. dotData’s automated data science platform accelerates ROI and lowers the total cost of model development by automating the entire data science process that is at the heart of AI/ML. dotData ingests raw business data and uses an AI-based engine to automatically discover meaningful patterns and build ML-ready feature tables from relational, transactional, temporal, geo-locational, and text data. dotData’s scalable, flexible platform enables data data scientists to discover and evaluate outstanding AI features; and empowers business intelligence professionals to addAI/ML models to their BI stacks and predictive analytics applications quickly and easily. Fortune 500 organizations around the world use dotData to accelerate their ML and AI development to drive higher business value. 

dotData has been recognized as a leader by Forrester in the 2019 New Wave for AutoML platforms. dotData has also been recognized as the “best machine learning platform” for 2019 by the AI breakthrough awards, was named an “emerging vendor to watch” by CRN in the big data space and was named to CB Insights’ Top 100 AI Startups in 2020. For more information, visit, and join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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