Enterprises should not neglect AI digital transformation

Enterprises should not neglect AI digital transformation

June 1, 2020

What impact will #COVID19 have on #enterprise investments in #ArtificialIntelligence? Our CEO Ryohei Fujimaki recently shared his thoughts with @TechTarget’s @markrlabbe #AI #DataScience #DigitalTransformation

Enterprises have seen their budget extras wiped out by the virus pandemic, but they should not give up on digital transformation projects. AI is important for enterprises because companies generate vast amounts of data, which AI can’t process. Businesses will need to turn to AI at some point, but they should augment their existing people with automation for the short term. Automation tools can automate repetitive tasks quickly. The lack of budget makes it hard to invest in AI and digital transformation projects.

Enterprises can augment their workers with tools rather than replace entire systems, making more accessible and cheaper AI digital transformation. New and old customers should focus on smaller, necessary projects instead of large, big bang digital transformation projects. As the world starts moving back to normal, enterprises will likely begin to make more efforts to implement digital transformation. As the economic recovery continues, companies will probably start making digital transformations and migrating to the cloud, deploying AI and analytics, and modernizing their systems, said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of data platform vendor Splice Machine.

For enterprises that have not yet achieved AI digital transformation, automation and focusing on necessary projects can help them get through COVID-19 and its aftermath. Read the full article at TechTarget today.


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