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Media Coverage: Where Enterprise AI Will Grow in 2021

February 11, 2021

dotData’s CEO, Dr. Ryohei Fujimaki P.h.D., recently sat down with Enterprise AI to as part of a group to discuss what industries were likely to see the most growth in Enterprise AI adoption during 2021.

Farabet, vice president of AI infrastructure for GPU and AI chipmaker Nvidia, said that AI in 2021 will take the role of a compiler, allowing more people to create AI programs.

Neo4j, an artificial intelligence database vendor, expects faster innovation cycles to bring new techniques to enterprises.

Alicia Frame said that data scientists would focus on solving big problems in 2021 and that graph algorithms and embeddings will become more mainstream.

In 2021, Joanna Lowry-Duda believes the democratization of AI will be more prevalent, with more AI-based toolkits available for general consumption.

In 2021, AI research will gain deeper insights that will profoundly shape industries, according to Lomax Ward, a co-founder with venture capital firm Luminous Ventures.

In 2021, AI will be more common in business tools, automobiles, and across all areas of business, said Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, director of AI research at cloud software vendor Zoho.

dotData founder and CEO Ryohei Fujimaki says he expects to see more AI adoption in manufacturing in 2021 as companies look to AI to improve operations.

In 2021, warehouse operations will use AI to help reduce order-to-delivery timelines, said Sastry Malladi, the CTO of cloud-native applications vendor FogHorn. Read the full article and Ryohei’s take at Enterprise AI.


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