The Insurance Brain: AI-Driven Policy Recommendations

NEWS – The Insurance Brain: AI-Driven Policy Recommendations

February 19, 2020

Our CEO, Ryohei Fujimaki, PhD, recently discussed an insurance use case now published on Forbes Cognitive World titled – The Insurance Brain: AI-Driven Policy Recommendations.

To create long-term value for customers, MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings leveraged AutoML 2.0. Despite investment in AI and machine learning, challenges prevent insurers from fully leveraging it. MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings is a global insurance company that leverages AutoML 2.0 to optimize its data science investments. MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings is leveraging digital transformation to improve customer experience. The idea to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance customer experiences led to the development of the MS1 Brain platform, which allows agents to create personalized proposals and targeted communications tailored to customer needs.

MS&AD faced challenges finding the right level and skill of talent for their MS1 Brain data science practice. A team at MS&AD decided to automate the feature engineering and machine learning processes of the MS1 Brain project. MS&AD chose an AutoML 2.0 platform for 3 reasons: acceleration, augmentation and democratization. In addition, MS&AD developed many AI models for MS1 Brain and used AutoML 2.0 to quickly build accurate models for production. MS&AD used AutoML 2.0 to create a system that automatically generates personalized video-based recommendations for products and services. Data science is a valuable tool for insurance companies to drive short-term revenue growth and long-term value. Read more at Forbes.


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