VentureBeat I NEC and dotData Use AI to Accelerate Data Science for SMBC

VentureBeat I dotData extracts key data features to make machine learning useful

June 15, 2021

Our CEO Ryohei Fujimaki spoke with @VentureBeat to discuss dotData’s broader approach to simplifying #AI workloads for anyone with more data than time. Many AI experts say that running the AI algorithm is only part of the job. Preparing the data and cleaning it is a start, but the real challenge is to figure out what to study and where to look for the answer. Finding the right features for the AI algorithm to examine often requires a deep knowledge of the business itself for the AI algorithms to be guided to look in the right place.dotData wants to automate that work. The company wants to help the enterprises flag the best features for AI processing and find the best place to look for such features. Join dotData CEO, Dr. Ryohei Fujimaki, P.h.D, who joined the folks at VentureBeat to discuss how dotData can empower a broad swath of new AI users. Head over to VentureBeat and read the full Q&A. @peterwayner #datascience #machinelearning #featureengineering


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