Why Do Enterprise Leaders choose dotData?

Accelerate data-driven digital transformation through award-winning AI-automation.

Present an AI Dashboard

Struggling With AI?

According to Research by Rackspace Technologies, only 20% of Companies Have Mature AI/ML Initiatives. Lack of Skilled Talent, Difficulty in Hiring and Lack of Expertise Continue to Be Challenges.

Develop in Days, Deploy in Weeks

Traditional AI development takes months. How can you develop and deploy AI and extract business value in weeks or even days, instead of months?

Implement AI At 10X Scale

Building a data science army is hard and expensive. How do you up-skill BI & Analytics teams and enable them to develop predictive models?

Focus on Business, Not Technology

Business users need solutions powered by AI, not AI technology. How do you develop impactful AI applications that transform your businesses?

Great Features = Great Models

Great Features = Great Models

Automated Feature Engineering (AutoFE) allows you to explore 100x more features and boost your model accuracy in hours instead of months by augmenting in-house features with hundreds of AI-features.

Discover Multimodal Patterns

dotData’s AutoFE explores and discovers multimodal patterns by wrangling and combining data, automatically.

Transform Relational Data

dotData intelligently manipulates tables with complex relationships and billions of records to build ML-ready feature tables in hours.

Feature Explainability

dotData’s AI-features are designed to be explainable with auto-generated feature explanations and feature blueprints.


End-to-End AI Automation

With streamlined AutoFE and AutoML technologies, dotData empower BI & Analytics teams to build predictive models just in days and make their reporting and dashboards more actionable.

No Cumbersome Wrangling

dotData connects, cleanses, and manipulates your data and frees you from time-consuming and error-prone data wrangling tasks.

No-Code Automation in 5 Minutes

Develop an end-to-end AI pipeline from raw data to feature engineering to machine learning in 5-minutes with point-and-click.

You Don’t Need A Data Scientist

dotData does all the heavy lifting and frees you from the technical complexities of AI development to focus on your business.


Trusted By Industry Leaders

dotData is trusted by industry leaders and partners around the World. We have been named a leader by Forrester in the AutoML space, have received numerous awards and are a trusted AWS and Microsoft Partner.


Forrester, the AI breakthrough awards CRN and CB Insights have all recognized dotData as a leader in the field.

Valued by Fortune 250 Clients

We power Enterprise AI for Fortune 250 companies like EPSON, Japan Airlines, SMBC, MS&AD and more.

AWS ML Competency

We are a certified AWS Machine Learning Competency partner – the highest technology partnership with AWS.

Respected by Industry Experts

Named a leader by Forrester’s New Wave report for AutoML solutions. Forrester remarked that dotData was “AutoML’s best-kept secret.” and that it had the “unique ability to automatically generate new, transparent features across many data sets.”