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dotData’s AI-FastStart™ Program Helps BI teams Adopt AI/ML with AutoML 2.0

April 29, 2020

Today dotData is thrilled to announce dotData AI-FastStart™, our new exclusive program aimed at helping Business Intelligence professionals with the adoption of AI and Machine Learning (ML) powered Business Intelligence (BI) solutions – regardless of the amount of expertise or infrastructure readiness of the organization. With AI-FastStart™, BI teams can quickly move from zero to a fully operational AI/ML experience in ninety days (90) or less.

AI-FastStart™ was born as a direct response to a rapidly changing BI & Analytics world. AI/ML has become a critical technology investment but most organizations still suffer from scaling AI/ML practices. BI+AI (a.k.a. citizen data scientists) is no longer a “nice to have” but must become the new approach to scale AI/ML for organizations. dotData AI-FastStart™ makes AI/ML adoption simple, easy and fast.  The program was designed around four core principles: The right platform, education, providing fast time-to-value, and to be easy to deploy and implement. We provide the best software, host it on the best possible platform, bundle the right depth and amount of education for unlimited users, and tailor services to enable an operational first use case in as little time as feasible. Whether your BI team has no experience with AI/ML, or are full experts, dotData AI-FastStart™ will help them become more proficient, more successful and will ultimately provide an exceptional predictive analytics foundation for your organization for years to come.

Award-winning AutoML 2.0 Platform: Eliminate Technical Barriers

The AI-FastStart™ program provides full access to our award-winning dotData Enterprise platform: The world’s first full-cycle AutoML 2.0 data science automation platform to automate and simplify all distinct parts of AI/ML development –  dotData Enterprise is a new approach to AI/ML development and was called “…AutoML’s best kept secret…” by Forrester. dotData Enterprise requires no coding or visual programming but simply works by providing a prediction target and datasets necessary. The platform performs all the technical heavy lifting to automate the entire process. With dotData Enterprise AutoML 2.0, BI professionals can avoid having to learn AI/ML technical complexities and significantly ramp up the adoption speed. 

AI-FastStart™ will allow BI teams to onboard unlimited users, develop unlimited use-cases and models, and will let them leverage the full feature set of our platform, including our renown AI-Powered Feature Engineering and Automated Machine Learning that automatically builds, evaluates and presents features and ML models directly from relational data sources.

AI Essentials Training: Learn Our BI+AI Best Practices

AI-FastStart™ provides 12 complimentary “AI Essentials” training courses to help users get up to speed with concepts, ideas, and best practices. AI/ML is not just about technical knowledge, but the ability to design BI+AI use cases is critical. The AI Essentials develops your AI/ML muscle to accelerate your continuing BI+AI careers.  The program is not merely classroom lectures but it will provide full tutorial use-case to help users learn with practical and working examples.  All classes will be held by dotData’s global Data Science team, bringing decades of combined experience in delivering successful AI/ML projects. dotData’s AI essentials training will be open to an unlimited number of attendees, giving BI leaders an opportunity to cross-train multiple team members for redundancy and long-term skills scalability.

Co-Development of Your Use Cases: Measurable Impacts

Nearly 90% of AI/ML models never leave the lab. For the ongoing success of any BI+AI journey, BI teams must present measurable business value to your line of business teams. In the AI-FastStart™ program, our world-class data scientists support your team and co-develop the first use case during the first 90 days. As mentors and trusted partners, our team will help you from a clear AI/ML project definition, guide you through AI/ML model development using dotData Enterprise, and assist in AI/ML implementation and value-justification.  Better still, as your AI/ML needs grow, the dotData team is always available and ready to become an extended part of your development organization – as you need us.

Fully Managed Enterprise-Grade Hosting: Get Started on Day One

The AI-FastStart™ program leverages an enterprise-grade hosting environment fully managed by dotData, it’s designed to help you get started on day one. dotData is certified as an AWS Machine Learning competency partner, the highest technology partnership available from AWS, giving AI-FastStart™ participants an Enterprise-grade SaaS environment with enterprise-level security, scalability, and availability that complies with AWS best practices. dotData’s team will manage the full infrastructure and provide free software upgrades seamlessly and at no additional charge.

Risk-Free Rapid Start: No Up-Front Financial Commitment

We know that investing in AI/ML may seem technically complex and risky. At dotData, we are confident that with the combination of our award-winning software with our experienced and certified professionals your BI team will be able to become proficient and productive quickly and efficiently. We are so confident, in fact, that we are willing to provide the entire AI-FastStart™ program with a 45-day risk-free guarantee – get started, and if you don’t think the software and program are right for you, cancel within 45 days without penalties.

Walter Paliska

Walter Paliska

Walter brings 25+ years of experience in enterprise marketing to dotData. Walter oversees the Marketing organization and is responsible for product marketing and demand generation for dotData. Walter’s background includes experience with both software and hardware companies, and he has worked in seven different startups, including three successful bootstrap startups.