dotData Gues Blogger Program: Educate the World!

Why write for dotData?

Interested in writing technical articles for Data Scientists?

Would you like to share your knowledge with the ML community?

Write articles for dotData’s blog and help us educate the world!

Who are we looking for?

Are you an active data science practitioner – Data Scientists, ML engineers, or Data Engineers actively engaged in experimenting with, building, maintaining, and deploying ML pipelines across many use cases and industries?

Not an “expert” writer? Don’t worry – we’ve got that covered. We will also handle all SEO and graphic design – as needed. Your main goal is to share your knowledge and experience with data science and help us educate our world.

What’s in it for you?

While we don’t have a “set” answer, we will suggest a rate based on your topic, the scope of the article, and its relevance to our target audience. 

Most articles will range between $300 and $600 per article.

Who’s dotData’s Target Audience?

We want content relevant to experienced data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data engineers across all levels (individual contributors and managers).

Your content should be detailed, technical, and educational for an advanced audience. We are looking for in-depth content – no “top 10” or “why you need data science” articles.

What can you write about?

dotData considers feature discovery/feature engineering one of the most critical and difficult steps in any data science project. While the industry and community have started recognizing this, we want to educate the community and evangelize the importance of feature discovery and feature engineering. 

Here is a list of example topics that will help you get started: 

  • Feature Engineering & Feature Discovery Techniques [example]
  • Domain features in specific use cases and industries [example]
  • Techniques and tools around feature importance, quality, drift, and leakage. [example]
  • Feature Stores [example]
  • MLops and Feature Management in Production
  • Technical Eco-system around data and features (Databricks ecosystem, Azure Ecosystem, etc.) 
  • We are also very interested in your ideas! 

What Type of Articles does dotData Want?

In general, we are interested in highly technical blog posts that contain original content – we will not publish “as first seen in” posts with canonical links. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Provide In-depth explanations of an approach, method, or use of algorithms
  • Visual explanations (hand-drawing is acceptable) that illustrate technical concepts (one blog should include at least 3-4 drawings or diagrams) 
  • Experimental results with code and screenshots
  • Focus on why it matters for readers instead of “how to operate/execute tasks.”
  • Architecture (system architecture, data architecture, solution architecture) diagrams
  • Provide references that justify the validity of your content

How do you get started?

Piqued your interest? Fantastic – here is how we proceed:

1) Send an email to:

  • Include links to any previous sample posts (if any)
  • Your LinkedIn, Medium, or Github profile links (or all 3!)
  • Topic idea (if you have one) or area you wish to write about
  • Wait for our response. We will review your profile and your articles and contact you. We try to get back to everyone, but the more closely aligned you are to what you’ve read thus far, the better your chances.

2) Agree on a topic and scope of work

  • We will work with you to narrow down your topic. First, we recommend creating an outline and giving us a target word count. This will help us gauge how much we can pay. We always compensate based on word count.

3) Write!

  • Create your outline in Google Docs and any code snippets or visuals (ugly is fine, as long as they are legible).
  • Once we approve the outline, expand it to a rough draft. Perfection in your first draft is not the goal – we can be picky 🙂 – so be patient.
  • Iterate and refine – based on our comments, refine the content until we both agree that it’s ready to publish (technically). We usually don’t expect this to take over 2 or 3 edit cycles
  • Get paid – once we agree that the article is final, you’ll get paid. You don’t have to wait for the SEO pass or the article to be actually published before you get your $$$!!


We LOVE repeat bloggers … if we like your work and it gets read and ranked high (by Google), we will increase your base “per word” starting fee … to encourage repeat bloggers.