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aiTechPark: dotData Launches dotData Py Lite for Desktop

May 6, 2021

AI TechPark recently covered the dotData Py Lite launch. dotData Py Lite enables data scientists to deploy dotData on their desktop in a short amount of time, without having to rely on large and expensive enterprise-AI environments. Features and benefits of dotData Py Lite include automated feature engineering, AutoML, and predictive analytics.

Feature engineering is critical to developing accurate predictions, and features can be developed quickly using the dotData Py Lite tool. dotData Py Lite is a Python library for performing AI and ML experiments for data scientists, data engineers, and IT and engineering teams.

dotData automates feature engineering, automates the discovery of hidden patterns in complex tables, and builds better models for AI and ML. Experienced data science teams can use Automated Feature Engineering (AutoFE) to prototype AI and ML models quickly.

Read more about dotData Py Lite at AITechPark, then come back to learn about dotData Py Lite.


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