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TDWI: dotData Launches dotData Py Lite for Desktop

May 6, 2021

TDWI recently covered our launch of dotData Py Lite. dotData Py Lite is designed for data scientists to deploy AI models to cloud containers. The dotData Py Lite containerized AI automation solution enables data scientists to test hypotheses and refine machine learning models.

dotData Py Lite supports automated feature engineering, AutoML, and data analysis and automates feature engineering, a manual and time-consuming step, from data and feature engineering to ML scoring and AI features for AI and ML algorithms.

Experienced data science teams can use dotData’s AI features to augment in-house developed features, and the company’s automated machine learning solution can be used for reporting and dashboards.

You can read more about it at TDWI, then come back to learn about dotData Py Lite.


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