Why Data Literacy Skills Still Matter with Augmented Analytics

By dotData Staff

December 20, 2018
Why Data Literacy Skills Still Matter with Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics promises to bring BI to a much larger audience of business users. Early implementations could prove useful in answering simple questions, like how much inventory an organization should plan to stock. A higher level of data literacy skills is still required for more complex types of analysis, however.

For example, when Gartner invited vendors to apply their augmented analytics tools against a sample data set at a BI Bake Off in 2016, only one — Salesforce Einstein — allowed business users to accurately identify the root driver. In this case, the tools were presented with a data set relating to college students to see what factors lead to higher long-term earnings. Most of the tools simply reinforced the inaccurate bias that earnings were correlated with Ivy League colleges, when the main driver was parents’ income.

Augmented analytics greatly reduces the need for data literacy in order to extract insights, but does not obviate the need for learning how analytics can be misleading.

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