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Datanami | AI: It’s Not Just For the Big FAANG Dogs Anymore

June 15, 2021

AI has a 1% problem: only the most prominent tech firms, the Facebooks, Amazons, Apples, Netflixes, and Googles, or FAANGs, of the world, have the resources required to pull it off. Thanks to the rapid advance of data science technology, the democratization of computing in the cloud, and data availability, the 1% problem is starting to fade. We are amid great democratization of big data and AI, benefiting companies of all sizes and maturity levels. Deloitte Insights proclaimed that “we are entering a new chapter in the adoption of the current generation of AI technologies. Capabilities are advancing, it is becoming easier to develop and implement AI applications, and companies are seeing tangible benefits from adoption.”

Not everyone has adopted AI technologies since there are still barriers, and many are working to scale the benefits. AI’s ‘early adopter’ phase, however, seems to be ending; the market is now moving into the ‘early majority’ chapter of this maturing set of technologies.” That is good news for companies downstream of the giant tech companies. But thanks to the advance of enterprise AI software and cloud computing, the advantages of the FAANG are no longer insurmountable. For smaller businesses, AI success can be found with a ratio of six analysts to one data scientist.

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