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Devops: dotData Launches dotData Cloud

February 25, 2021

News site recently covered dotData’s launch of our new dotData Cloud, cloud-based, no-code AI Automation solution designed for BI teams and data engineers in organizations just getting started with AI.

dotData Cloud is a new AI-automation software platform and services that allows organizations with small to no data science teams to quickly and efficiently automate AI/ML development and generate business value in 45 days. dotData’s new offering is a cloud-based AI/ML automation platform enabling customers to manage back-end operations on a unified e-commerce platform. DotData Cloud’s automated machine learning capabilities, dotData customer, developed a model to analyze customer data better. Justin Shoolery, Director of Data Science & Analytics, said that dotData Cloud lets him focus on finding patterns and finding viable models. As demand for AI and ML capabilities increases rapidly, dotData Cloud provides full-cycle automation platforms that can help build, deploy and scale AI models.

dotData Cloud is a 100% Cloud-based platform with enterprise-grade performance and scalability. The platform is available with a 45-day, risk-free, no-money guarantee. dotData automates the process of developing data science capabilities for advanced predictive analytics by automatically discovering, evaluating, and fusing hundreds of tables into a single feature table. dotData helps data scientists develop AI/ML models by automating the development workflow and allowing the development of feature and ML scoring pipelines with minimal user input. dotData Cloud’s automation enables BI developers and data engineers to make data science scalable and sustainable. Read more at Devops today


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