Automated Feature Engineering & Enterprise AI Automation

Build better AI models by unlocking the hidden power of your data through AI-Features.

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Feature Engineering, Critical & Hard

Great algorithms don’t make great AI models, great features do. Feature Engineering, however, is the most time-consuming and challenging part of AI development. Automated Feature Engineering can help you scale your AI practice.

Hundreds of tables, billions of rows

Analyze and discover patterns in your enterprise data automatically – and discover hidden insights and features for more powerful AI models.

Explainable AI made easy

Provide greater transparency and trust for your AI models with explainable features that are easy to understand and validate.

Designed for data scientists & BI

Whether you have an established AI development practice, or just getting started, Automated Feature Engineering can help you accelerate and enrich your efforts.

Great Features, Automatically

Great algorithms don’t make great models, great features do

Enterprise Data

AI/ML models are only as good as the data (features) you use. Feature engineering is the critical step of discovering important patterns hidden in your data. Feature engineering has relied on the intuition and experience of domain experts and data scientists. AI Success needs interdisciplinary skills like data engineering, statistics, and domain knowledge. The complex relationship between domain expertise and technical skill has made AI/ML projects time-consuming, error-prone, and requiring months to complete.

Automated Feature Engineering

dotData: Automating the hardest part of AI/ML

Great Features = Great Models

Great features deliver great models

Automated Feature Engineering (AutoFE) allows you to explore 100x more features and boost your model accuracy in hours instead of months by augmenting in-house features with hundreds of AI-features.

Discover Multimodal Patterns

Explore and discover multimodal patterns by wrangling and combining relational, transactional, temporal, geo-locational, and text data, automatically.

Transform Relational Tables

Intelligently manipulate tables with complex relationships and billions of records to build an ML-ready feature table in hours, not months.

Deliver Feature Explainability

dotData’s AI-features are designed to be explainable with auto-generated feature explanations and feature blueprints.

In five minutes transform hundreds of tables and billions of rows with complex relationships into a single feature table


How Do You Choose The Right AutoML Platform?

Selecting the right tool for the right job can be challenging in a world filled with “AI Automation” tools. Download our free guide and learn the key features that will make a difference for your team.


Our Products

All of dotData’s products leverage the power of Automated Feature Engineering (AutoFE) to provide the ideal AI development experience based on your company size, your team size and where your organization is on the journey to maximizing its AI investment.


dotData Enterprise is an enterprise-grade AI automation platform. It streamlines Automated Feature Engineering and Automated Machine Learning technologies and offers no-code end-to-end AI automation. BI & Analytics teams can leverage dotData Enterprise to build predictive models in days to make dashboards more actionable.


Build greater models by leveraging the power of AutoFE integrated directly into your Python-based ML workflow on your Notebook. Explore 100x more features and augment your existing features with AI-features. Data science teams can unlock the maximum power of data with AutoFE.

dotData Py

Enable streaming predictions for real-time decision-making through dotData Streams’ containerized AI engine. Deploy your AI/ML models instantly as a prediction microservice through a single command. dotData Stream is environment agnostic and is deployable on-premises, in the cloud or even in your IoT infrastructure.

dotData Stream

dotData Cloud is a fully hosted version of dotData Enterprise giving you everything you need to get started with AI. dotData Cloud’s architecture was certified as AWS Competency – the highest AWS technology partnership. The single-tenant deployment protects your data and lets you focus on solving your most important problems using the power of AI – instead of worrying about building AI infrastructure.

dotData Cloud