Drive Business Value by Scaling AI

Be an AI-Driven enterprise and make AI an integral part of your business process and culture.


AI-Driven Intelligent Decisions at Scale

Scaling AI across your organization means dealing with challenges on multiple fronts. Lack of data science talent, speed of development and deployment, model maintenance, and the need for real-time decision-making. Leverage AI automation to realize AI-driven decisions at scale.

Democratize AI

Leverage the power of AI Automation to enable your BI team and create a self-sufficient organization to build predictive dashboards.

Instant container-based deployment

Productionalize hundreds of AI models in record time to transform your businesses using automatic model containerization.

Real-time AI

Use AI models in the most challenging real-time applications where millisecond predictions can be the difference between success and failure.


Establish the AI-Driven Enterprise

Establish AI practices at scale across the organization by empowering data scientists and BI & Analytics teams with AI Automation to make AI an integral part of your business process and culture.

Automate AI Feature & Model Maintenance with dotData

Automate Feature & Model Maintenance

Leverage AI Automation to update features and models as your data evolves. Automate continuous maintenance of hundreds of AI pipelines in production.

Streaming Data

Enable Intelligent Real-Time Decisions

Whether it is real-time coupons, instant credit approvals, fraud detection, automated underwriting, dynamic pricing, or IoT/Smart manufacturing, enable true real-time decision making by automatically generating real-time endpoints that are deployable either in Cloud or on Edge.

Unlimited AI Use Cases

Unlimited AI Use-Cases Through Automation

Transform all aspects of your business with AI-enabled business applications in sales, marketing, financial, supply chain, risk & compliance, or R&D.