dotData Py Lite: AI on Your Laptop

Py Lite

dotData Py Lite Provides all the power and automation of our standard dotData Py platform in a convenient, containerized environment that you can deploy almost anywhere – even your laptop. Enjoy key dotData Py features:

  • Automated Feature Engineering. dotData Py Lite automatically identifies millions of features by profiling input tables and their relationships.
  • Automatic Feature Evaluation: Auto-selection of hundreds of model-agnostic features by minimizing a ML loss function for your given prediction problem.
  • Feature Optimization for ML: automatically optimize selected features and fine-tune them for a given ML algorithm
  • Data Cleansing: Automatically identify illegal data values, systematic or missing values, outliers, categorical value canonization, record duplication and more to maximize quality features.
  • Leaky Feature Prevention: dotData Py Lite lets you configure data lead times and prediction lead times to automatically prevent feature leakage in temporal data.
  • Deep Support for Geo-Data: Automatica determination of temporal and go-locational aggregation
  • Easily Deployable: dotData Py Lite is delivered in a docker container and can be deployed nearly anywhere