dotData Py Lite

AI Automation On Your Laptop

dotData Py Lite

AI Automation On Your Laptop

dotData Py Lite is an affordable and powerful AI automation tool that boosts the productivity of data scientists. Take advantage of all dotData Py functionality and explore 10x more data and 100x more features automatically. Build your features and models and publish and deploy them as micro-prediction service containers. No Clusters to spin up, no special IT infrastructure needed, just download the app and get started today!

Python Data Science Automation on Your Laptop

One Minute Deployment, Unlimited Users

dotData Py Desktop is deployed to your corporate laptop as an ML development library for your Python development environment. With support for CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows 10, and soon – macOS, you can add the power of AI Automation to just about any platform.

Full AI Automation

dotData Py Lite is 100% compatible with dotData Py. Enjoy the award-winning automated feature engineering to reinforce your ML workflow today!

Containerize ML Predictions

dotData Py Lite containerizes the entire pipeline from raw data through data & feature engineering to ML scoring. Deploy your E2E pipeline just with a single command.

One Minute Installation

Install dotData Py Lite with a single Docker command. Go from installation to having your first model developed in 10 minutes!.

Automate the Data Science Process


How SMBC Added 2,000,000 Features

When SMBC, one of the world’s largest banks, wanted to get the maximum value from their feature engineering investment, they turned to dotData. Download the case study and read how the went from 2,000 features a year to over 2,000,000.



Automated Feature Engineering

Discover AI features to boost your model accuracy and deliver deeper insights from multi-modal datasets.

AutoML Built-In

Leverage state-of-the-art ML algorithms, hyper-parameter search, missing value imputation, outlier cleansing, and more.

Integrated With Python

Integrate Automated Feature Engineering and AI features seamlessly into your existing ML workflow in Python.

One Minute Installation

Install dotData Py Lite on Windows, macOS, or Linux with a single command and get started in just minutes.

Containerized ML Models

Deploy your End-to-End ML container from data & feature pipelines to ML scoring into production.

Unlimited Users

dotData Py Lite licenses are consumed only when you run training or predictions and can be shared with unlimited users.