dotData Py

Award-Winning AutoFE for Python Data Scientists

dotData Py AutoFE for Data Scientists

Explore 100X More Features With Automation

dotData automates feature engineering, the most manual and time-consuming step in AI and ML projects. dotData’s proprietary AI technology automatically discovers hidden patterns behind hundreds of tables with complex relationships and billions of rows and AI-features for your AI and ML algorithms. With dotData Py, you can explore 100x more features in hours and augment your features with AI features.

Python Based AI Automation

Enhance Your ML Models With AI Features

Great ML models need great features. dotData Py uses an AI algorithm to automatically hypothesize, explore, build, and validate features and AI-features augments your feature space to build greater models.

Discover Multimodal Patterns

Explore and discover multimodal patterns by wrangling and combining relational, transactional, temporal, geo-locational, and text data, automatically.

Transform Enterprise Relational Data

Deal with tens of tables with complex relationships and billions of records and build a ML-ready feature table just in hours instead of months.

Integrated In Your Python Workflow

dotData Py works as a library in your Python environment to create ML-ready feature tables and is seamlessly integrated with your existing ML workflow.

Automate the Data Science Process


How SMBC Added 2,000,000 Features

When SMBC, one of the world’s largest banks, wanted to get the maximum value from their feature engineering investment, they turned to dotData. Download the case study and read how the went from 2,000 features a year to over 2,000,000.



Automated Feature Engineering

Discover AI-features to boost your model accuracy and deliver deeper insights from multi-modal datasets.

Feature Optimization for ML

Optimize features for any state-of-the-art ML algorithm and accuracy metric that you prefer.

Transform Billions of Rows

Support enterprise-scale data  with complex table relationships and billions of rows.

Integrated With Python

Integrate AutoFE and AI-features seamlessly into your existing ML workflow in Python.

Explainable AI

Produce explainable features with feature blueprinting to make your AI models more actionable.

Deployment Ready

Deploy features through either a batch process or in real-time environments.