Driving Value From Your AI Investment

Move AI pilots out of the data science lab to drive value in your business workflow.


Make AI A Critical Part of Your Business

According to Gartner, only 20% of analytical insights deliver business outcomes; VentureBeat reported that 87% of data science projects never make it into production. Operationalizing AI is critical but hard to accomplish. Leverage AI Automation to build production-ready end-points automatically and eliminate the roadblocks to AI productization.

Build production-ready end-points

Build full-cycle end-points from data cleansing through feature engineering and machine learning with production quality and scalability.

Automatic containerization

Package AI models into a single portable container and deploy them anywhere with a single Docker command!

An AI solution architecture

Get value from AI. Our team is here to help you design an optimal AI solution architecture and realize valuable AI-enabled business processes.

Deploy AI powered dashboards

Drive Business Value With AI-Enabled Applications

Integrate your AI models with your business systems and BI dashboards to drive true value from AI. Make AI deployments simpler and faster through AI Automation, backed by the expert assistance of our team to help you design a scalable AI architecture.

Deploy AI Models With one Command

Deploy Full-Cycle AI Models With A Single Command

dotData automatically containerizes the entire pipeline from raw data through data & feature engineering to ML scoring for any container orchestrators such as Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Azure AKS. Deploy your E2E pipeline just with a single command.

Scale AI

Enable Predictions At Enterprise Scale

Run predictions on enterprise-scale data with complex table relationships and billions of rows with dotData. Scaling predictions is as easy as just adding more computation nodes. Drive maximum value and ROI from your business data, today.

10X More Data 10X More Features

Leverage 10X More Data, Explore 100X More Insights

Augment your features with the power of AI Automation and Automated Feature Engineering and extract the maximum power out of your data to build more accurate AI models faster.