Exploring the Power of AI

Drive agile pilots to develop AI solutions that matter to your business by leveraging the power of AI Automation.

Explore the Power of AI

Develop AI Use-Cases That Matter to Your Business

How can you move from business problems and validate AI value faster? Don’t get stuck in complex data science processes of data wrangling, feature engineering, or machine learning. Become agile with AI automation, run AI pilots in days instead of months, and develop the most important AI use cases quickly with expert support. 

Empower your BI team with AI

Leverage the power of AI Automation to enable your BI team and create a self-sufficient organization to build predictive dashboards.

AI co-development

Co-develop critical AI solutions with dotData. From data through prediction development to identifying value from your investment.

AI pilots in days, not months

Accelerate AI pilots, validate your hypotheses in days – not months – without large upfront efforts, and avoid downstream failures.

Agile AI Pilots

Agile AI Pilots in Days

dotData’s full-cycle AI automation allows you to run an AI pilot in days instead of months. Maximize the speed of feedback loops from business teams with an agile data science practice driven by automation.

AI for BI Teams

Empower BI Teams

Empower a new class of AI developers through AI Automation. Connect directly to internal or external data, automatically discover important data patterns and build AI/ML models that make BI dashboard predictive and actionable.

Show AI Value

Develop AI Solutions That Matter

Our team will walk you through the entire AI development lifecycle from defining use cases to developing AI models and estimating and reporting the economic value to help you drive to success.

100X More Insights with AI

10X More Data, 100X More Insights

Discover multimodal insights by wrangling and combining relational, transactional, temporal, geo-locational, and text data, automatically – delivering deeper business insights and boosting ML model accuracy in hours.