Get Started On Your AI Journey

Identify business needs and see how AI Automation can accelerate your path to getting value from AI.

Getting Started With AI

Making Sense of AI and Machine Learning

You know that you want to add predictability to your business – and you know that AI and Machine Learning are the way to do it. But how do you get started? What do you need to know? From award-winning AI automation to world-class data scientists, dotData is here to help.

Use case discovery

Our team will help you define AI use cases that provide measurable business impact – the most critical piece of any successful AI project.

Data discovery and assessment

No relevant data, no AI solution – our world-class data scientists help you assess your data readiness and simplify data preparation through automation. 

AI development experience

No data scientist or predictive analysis practice? Don’t worry. dotData’s award-winning AI automation allows you to quickly experience AI development from beginning to end.

Focus on AI Value

Focus on Value, Not Technology

Success or failure in AI and Machine learning is dictated mostly by your use case. dotData experts are here to help you identify and build the most valuable business use case and to map it to your AI journey.

dotData AI Automation

Learn the Steps to AI

Predictive analysis is a complex and lengthy process. dotData’s AI automation makes the process easier, simpler, and faster. dotData team will guide you through not just how to use our software, but also how to understand what matters – and what doesn’t in the world of AI.

Co Develop AI Models

Everything You Need To Succeed

dotData provides a cloud-hosted solution – allowing you to use the full power of our award-winning dotData Enterprise platform with the full support of our world-class data science team to ensure success from day one to get the most out of your investment.


Trusted by Enterprise Leaders

As a Leader of AI Automation named by Forrester, we are a trusted partner for companies around the Globe and helps realize the true AI-driven enterprise.