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Media Coverage: dotData Named in Coolest AI and ML Tools of 2021

April 29, 2021

Once again CRN magazine named the 10 coolest machine learning tools for the year, and once again, in 2021, dotData made the list. CRN is the premier publication for all things related to technology for solution providers and integrators. As the premier channel publication, dotData is honored to be named among the 10 coolest technologies of the year. According to CRN, AI and machine learning have become critical technologies in the arsenal of businesses looking to automate business intelligence and for those looking to take the leap into advanced analytics and predictive analytics.

Developing and maintaining the machine learning models that are needed can be complex and time-consuming, and dotData is among a new generation of machine learning tools that make the process simpler, faster, and more automated. dotData Py Lite is now among the list of the “coolest tools” named by CRN for its ability to allow data scientists to automate the hardest parts of the data science process – even on their laptops.

You can see the entire list at CRN, then come back and learn more about dotData Py Lite.


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